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Yamitsu 16" - 8" Quality Filter Brushes

  • £11.94

Yamitsu filter brushes are of a semi-rigid construction with a loop at the end for easy installation. Bristles are of strong polypropylene and are easily washed by rinsing in a bucket of pond water (not chlorinated tap water, it will kill your bacteria).

  1. They are very easy to use
  2. do not need replacing
  3. They are lightweight
  4. They don't clog up as many other materials do
  5. They are non-toxic
  6. They are very easy to clean
  7. They never wear out
  8. They are by far the best medium for removing suspended particles of waste
  9. They cost less than any other material that does an equivalent job
  10. They are tried and tested all over the world
  11. They provide a massive surface area for biological colonisation
  12. They do not require expensive support frames

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