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Spirulina 12mm Mini Algae Wafers

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Premium sinking mini 12mm Algae wafers. Complete food in the form of submersible discs for all ornamental fish and crustaceans living on the bottom of freshwater and salt-water aquariums.

These types of special disc contain astaxanthin, algae, natural carotenes and a wide range of high-quality raw materials with an optimal balanced formula that includes all the essential substances, particularly vegetable and animal proteins, minerals, and natural vitamins. Contains the natural immunity system booster Beta-glucan.
These Wafers are 12mm in diameter

Plant protein concentrates, shells, algae, fish and fish by-products, cereal, dried yeast, garlic, spirulina, fat, lecithin, antioxidants all in compliance with EU standards and regulations.

Crude Protein 38%
Crude Fat & Oils 6%
Fibre 5%
Ash 8%
Added Vitamin (Per KG): - Vitamin A 24000lU
Vitamin D 2600lU, Vitamin E 280lU, Vitamin C 550mg/kg

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