Ceramic Bubble Ring Air Stone

Ceramic Bubble Ring Air Stone

  • £6.45

Our Heavy Duty Ceramic Bubble Ring Air stones are suitable for Ponds and Aquariums alike. These air stones are available in 3 different sizes - please select the required size from the drop down menu above.

Sizes available are:

1. 107mm diameter x 19mm tall
2. 132mm diameter x 19mm tall
3. 200mm diameter x 27mm tall

Please also select the required number of air stones when ordering. We sell these air stones in packs of 1, 2, or 4 . The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

Please Note: The 107 and 132mm air stones will connect to 4mm and 8mm air line, but the largest 200mm air stone will ONLY connect to 8mm air line.

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