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Interpet Gold Fish Bowl Starter Kit

Interpet Gold Fish Bowl Starter Kit

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Fish produce two kinds of waste, solid which can make the water cloudy, and dissolved waste that can make the water toxic.This is unsightly and unhealthy for the fish themselves.

Undergravel filtration creates a clear, healthy aquarium by trapping waste matter and removing the toxic fish waste. The pump is housed in a quality, moulded case and the solid base absorbs sound. This is a reliable system with a powerful airflow and carbon impregnated filter which reduces air pollution in the tank very effectively.

Suitable for bowls up to 400mm in diameter.

Comes with 1 Aqua Air Mini, 1 7/8inch round airstone, 1m airline tubing, 1 undergravel filter plate, 1 filter cartridge and 1 plastic plant.


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